The Difference Between Promise and Performance

The Key to Creative Execution

When it comes to the execution of ideas, it’s good to remember that great execution means the difference between “promise” and “performance.”  The world is filled with promises from creatives, politicians, business leaders, teachers, even religious figures. But when it comes to actual performance – as the TV commercials say, “results my vary.”  So how do we close the gap? How do we make sure we deliver on our promises? Here’s a few important keys to make it happen for you:


Creatives: Perception Happens Faster Than Ever

As a speaker and writer, I’m becoming more and more fascinated with the concept of “perception.” After all, in today’s distracted and disrupted world, our perception of everything happens faster and faster. In fact, one study indicates that when we meet someone for the first time, we actually decide within the first 4-8 seconds what we think of that person. Now, scientists are looking at how quickly we make decisions, and a particular project focused on


10 Reasons You’re Not Ready to Lead a Creative Team

Business, nonprofit, and religious organizations are all filled with people who are terrible at leading creative people. In some cases, they were promoted to the position and understand they are out of their depth. But in most cases (in my experience) they actually believe they’re good at leading creative people, when in truth, they are completely out of place. Based on working with more than a few horrible creative leaders over the last few decades, here’s my checklist of 10 Reasons You’re Not Ready to Lead A Creative Team:


Why You Should Never Forget Your Failures

The 1983 college basketball season was over. Duke University had just been clobbered by 43 points in the ACC tournament. Everything about the Duke basketball program was a disaster and many people thought young coach Mike Krzyzewski was at the end of his short career as a coach. In the book “Herding Tigers,” Todd Henry tells what happened next:


How To Host a Great Panel Discussion

How to Be The Star of Your Next Conference

Panel discussions can be an incredibly insightful exchange of ideas, or they can be a boring snooze. Sadly, at too many conferences and events these days, it’s the latter. I attended a conference recently with a 4 person panel discussion and it took an hour for them to share 10 minutes worth of interesting information. After years of being a panelist and also hosting panels, I’ve discovered the problem is usually the host, so here’s some hosting tips that could make your next panel a positive experience for everyone: